Taormina, Sicily 1991

Italy Flag

Roger posing at the amphitheatre Here I am at a Greek/Roman amphitheatre in Taormina, Sicily. The town itself is built on the mountainous coast of Sicily within sight of Mt. Etna, an 11,000 ft. volcano mountain. The amphitheatre is perched out on a cliff-like ledge overlooking the coast, and is nothing short of spectacular! Being able to examine an actual Greek/Roman ruin with my own eyes, hands, and feet was just unforgettable. The amphitheatre is still used today, believe it or not, and is a big attraction for Taormina, but Taormina is very attractive for lots of other reasons, too, such as its architecture, bougainvillea covered villas and dramatic setting. It used to be the mainly winter destination of wealthy Edwardians. I had a small pizza at a cafe for lunch, and generally walked around and admired the buildings along the compact cliff-side promenade. Sicily is like an extension of Italy. It looks very similar, but it is an island. It is also expensive to visit, so I chose a good way to see it--a daytrip from Malta!

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