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The New Cross congregation, pictured in late 1992. They have always been a diverse group, consisting of about 12 different nationalities from around the UK, and Common Wealth countries of the West Indies and Africa. They are very family oriented, and retain a lot from their cultural backgrounds. I was very blessed to be a part of this fellowship, and worked with them for five and a half years.

They have been meeting in the Barnes Wallis Centre, in New Cross, London, since May of 1991. From 1980-1991 they were located in a building in South Bermondsey, about one mile north of the present location. That building was sold in 1991 in hopes that a building could be found to buy in the New Cross area. That did not materialize, however, so they have been meeting in the Barnes Wallis Centre.

Here are some of the youth that rode in the van. I had a regular van route to pick up people for church, and for most activities. I enjoyed driving the vans, but the London traffic was often horrendous! Believe me, it could be tricky, but it certainly enabled me to know the area extremely well.

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